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The Twilight 5K Running Series

Race #1
Race #2
Race #3

What It Is.

The Twilight 5K is a summer evening running series held at Carolina Triathlon on Welborn Street located a few blocks from downtown. Each race starts at 7:15pm, followed by awards and a block party with food and beverages.

How It Works.

The Twilight 5K consists of three races spaced roughly one month apart. In addition to age group awards given out at each race, participants will earn points (based on their age-group place) toward the SERIES AWARDS to be given out at the final event on August 17th.

Who Can Run.

The Twilight 5K is for anybody and everybody. Run for fitness. Run for glory. Run for beer. We don't care, just come out and enjoy the fun and a great night of racing!

Who We Are.
The TWILIGHT 5K RUNNING SERIES is presented by the Greenville Track Club - Running Strong Since 1972! Special thanks to our race partners Carolina Triathlon and Michelob ULTRA.

*total savings compared to combined race day entry fees.